Summer of the Dragon

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  5. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Email Address. Her father is an obsessed archaeologist, her mother's hooked on Barbara Cartland, and D. And there's lots both to eat and to make sarcastic remarks about when D.

    Hank supports and follows every crackpot theory—Atlantis, UFOs, reincarnation—so the ranch teems with fawning charlatans whom D.

    The Dragon Welcomes BRAINCUBATOR for Summer Techcamps!

    It also teems with eligible men two court D. The search for Hank, of course, involves seances, dowsing rods, and such—but common sense ultimately prevails. Unfortunately, however, the mystery isn't worth the fuss, the villain is easy to spot, and the whole thing takes nearly pages longer than it should. I will post his cartoons after the summer ends -- and will let families know when they are on the website! Visit the Dragon's Eye Adventures website for photos of the lizards the detectives made, and for images of the adventure.

    They flew by Garuda Express toward Swarga, Indra's heavenly palace and realm, but were waylaid by shadow nagas, enemies of the Garuda. Yarn balls and foam Frisbees flew in turns, swift runners were named, and the games were spectacular as the detectives sent the shadow nagas home for healing spells. The meeting with Indra did not go as expected.

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    His priorities were not the same as the detectives', but he did loan the team some powerful items for their quest. Those came in handy at the end, but not for the reasons Indra intended. Let's just say that the old god of storms had a sudden flash of insight -- and a baby elephant gets to keep its wings!

    Photos of the beautiful pouches and stones the detectives made are on the Dragon's Eye Adventures Facebook page.

    Here is a link. Images of the adventure itself may be found here.

    This is Oliver's second summer as my assistant, and Marcello is volunteering as a CIT for a few weeks this summer. Summer , Session 1: Recap. We discovered daily rainbows cast by the sun every afternoon in Searles The detectives gathered three found pennies for the first Three-Penny Mystery of the summer. Madame Drak brushed off the cobwebs of winter and scrubbed away the muddy vestiges of spring, as she polished her crystal ball for the first dream from the dragons. A Black Skystone of Doom was heading toward earth, and the dragons foretold of a trip back in time to a place where the dinosaurs roamed.

    Sure enough, a package arrived from Professor Eon Oscaput, a paleontologist with an extraordinary tale about a magic ring that the dinosaurs had that could turn aside the Black Skystone of Doom. Our team gathered the largest cabbages they could find an headed off for a visit to Timedigger and his Tin Lizzy time machine that loves riddles. The cabbages came in handy as camouflage for the carnasaurs -- and as friendly offerings for the herbisaurs. Our team had a fabulous week of romping and stomping with the dinosaurs.

    The pictures are priceless and may be viewed here! We couldn't save all of the dinosaurs, but we did our part rescuing Mamasaura's dinosaur eggs. They'll hatch once in every adventure, when a detective needs a little dinosaur help with future mysteries!

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    With the start of the summer season only weeks away, I've been working on projects for each session. I have to admit that I have a history of rocks that follow me home -- a habit that I couldn't quite shake from childhood. When Andrea and I visited Washington state, there were several boulders on the beach that were calling to me Labels: Black Skystone of Doom , dinosaur eggs.

    Summer Of The Dragon

    We will be closed on Thursday, July 4. This is a beloved adventure, run many times as a favorite among the dinosaur-loving crowd. A meteor threatens to collide with earth, sending our detectives back in time to the Atrocious Period. This little-known era lies at the very end of the Cretaceous Period, when the dinosaurs were threatened with extinction.

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    Will the detectives find the legendary jewel that turns aside the black skystone of doom, or will Humongasaura Regina Big Lizard Queen enjoy a very rare and tasty mammalian snack? Only time will tell Our projects include vegan haberdashery in the latest herbivorean style, and fossilized cipher stones.

    The adventure will be "Wayward Tales," a mystery for ages 7 to