Silicon Carbide: Recent Major Advances

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Silicon Carbide: Recent Major Advances: v. 79 (Advanced Texts in Physics)

The band gaps differ widely among the polytypes ranging from 2. In general, the greater the wurtzite component, the larger the band gap. Among the SiC polytypes, 6H is most easily prepared and best studied, while the 3C and 4H polytypes are attracting more attention for their superior electronic properties.

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The polytypism of SiC makes it nontrivial to grow single-phase material, but it also offers some potential advantages - if crystal growth methods can be developed sufficiently then heterojunctions of different SiC polytypes can be prepared and applied in electronic devices. All symbols in the SiC structures have a specific meaning: The number 3 in 3C-SiC refers to the three-bilayer periodicity of the stacking ABC and the letter C denotes the cubic symmetry of the crystal.

The wurtzite ABAB This periodicity doubles and triples in 4H- and 6H-SiC polytypes. The family of rhombohedral polytypes is labeled R, for example, 15R-SiC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: silicon carbide. Silicon carbide microelectromechanical systems for harsh environments. Imperial College Press. Kelly; et al. Materials Research Bulletin. This article is cited by publications. Anvar S. Baimuratov, Tatiana P.

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Silicon Carbide

Eric Aston, Josh R. Branen, and Patrick J. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 2 , Bhabani S. Swain, Bibhu P. Swain, and Nong M.