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The topic of this article is the detection of magnetic photons in homeopathic potencies. Their electromagnetic properties are proved by a newly developed magnetic resonance method using two different T esla coils which generate longitudinal waves at distinct resonance frequencies in the HF range at low micro Voltages.

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When laid into the maximum of the magnetic field, homeopathic high potencies with frequencies being in resonance with those of the coils attenuated the magnetic Held. Therefore, it can be concluded that homeopathic potencies consist of magnetic photons. For the Hrst time, the degree of each potency could be measured and characterized by its speciHc! Homeopathic potencies are magnetic photons with several frequencies in the HF range and with different energies.

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Until recently, only photons with monochromatic light have been known. For the first time, the resonance method developed in this paper was extended for determining the frequency spectra of homeopathic potencies by exciting them by means of a different peak frequency of their individual spectrum within the HF range. From this it follows that each homeopathic potency must have its speciHc frequency spectrum and its speciHc energy, which is the "homeopathic information. The functioning of homeopathy can now be explained.

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