Multi-Paradigm Programming using C++

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It doesn't do surveillance or interrogation for you. It doesn't have the intuition.

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But it does the deduction fast and robust, that's all we can expect from the machine. The most popular logic programming language now is Prolog. You build relations between data with rules and facts. In Prolog, you can write it down like this. Such relations are called facts in Prolog.

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There are also rules which are conditional facts. The rule for that would be:. The Person is a Prolog variable. Syntaxically, variables always begin with a capital letter.

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Semantically, they can denote any term that fits the conditions. Logic programming is all about deduction. You have a set of terms, known facts, and rules. For instance, if we're going to know if Alice likes Bob according to her rule above, we have to introduce Bob with a set of facts and then ask Prolog like this:.

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Prolog programming is declarative. This means that we only have to give it rules and facts, but not the way the facts and rules should be checked. Prolog finds the way for us. Yes, she does. According to our facts and rules, Alice likes him.

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But it has something similar. It has type deduction which is very close conceptually. Type deduction is not entirely the same as logic programming, but in many regards, it works the same. The program compiles only if the compiler deduces all the types correctly. The very fact of compilation is the answer to our question. Yes, she still does. The program compiles only if there is a compilable likes function for Alice and Bob.

And our only defined likes is only compilable for Bob if there are compilable kind , intelligent , and writes Cpp functions for him. And there are.

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Generic programming refers to the use of a single idea to serve several purposes. This can be considered both as an asset and a liability as this increases the responsibility of the user to manage memory rather than it being managed by the Garbage collector.

This concept is implemented with the help of DMA Dynamic memory allocation using pointers. Scalability refers to the ability of a program to scale.

Multi-Paradigm Programming using C++

We can also build applications that are resource intensive. Misuse of pointers like wild pointers may cause the system to crash or behave anomalously. Although object-oriented programming offers a lot of security to the data being handled as compared to other programming languages that are not object-oriented, like C, certain security issues still exist due to the availability of friend functions, global variables and, pointers.

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