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Plus, we have already done all the heavy-duty design work for you. All you need to do is add your great ideas to the template with a few clicks. No need to worry about spacing, font choices or color palettes on Venngage. That is already taken care of on all of our templates.

24 Essential Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

So what are you waiting for? There are no limits to your creativity on Venngage. You can easily add as many points, links or ideas to your mind map using our drag-and-drop mind map maker. Brainstorm names for your new startup or business. Map out the ideal customer for your marketing team. Organize all of your vocab words for a upcoming test.

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Or just get some of those great ideas you have down on paper. All of this can be achieved with a mind map on Venngage. Icons are perfect for mind maps because they can convey ideas in one small space-saving graphic.

They also can be used to add some extra context to your different points or nodes. Either way, icons are an essential part of a visually-engaging mind map. And we have thousands of them to choose from. Collaborating on a design with your team can be a hassle. Think of it this way.

What makes XMind different?

Imagine you were asked to write down as many uses for a brick as possible. Many people would just start listing all their ideas building a wall, building a walkway, etc.

Create a mind map to visualize ideas and simplify processes

But what if you started from a broader perspective, such as thinking about the properties of a brick. It's heavy, so you could use it: as a paperweight, to hold down a garbage bag while raking, as an exercise weight, to grill juicer chicken , etc.

Mind Mapping Basics

It's also thick, so you could use it to prop up a planter or as a doorstop. It's red, it's hard, it's rectangular, etc. That's the magic of mind mapping: Once you start, the possibilities seem almost endless. You can create a mind map on paper, in a drawing app on your tablet, or one of many popular mind mapping software tools , such as XMind , Lifehacker readers' favorite mind mapping software. Pen and paper may be better because you can get your thoughts out more quickly and the act of drawing the branches out can aid recall.

On the other hand, using the computer can make your mind maps searchable and include attachments. If you're having trouble deciding from among the tons of digital tools to choose from , the Mind Mapping Software blog suggests you look for these five features: the ability to add links and attachments, add notes, filter content, export to other programs or formats, and use keyboard shortcuts.


Once you've chosen your tool, follow these seven steps and tips for making a mind map, from British author Tony Buzan , who trademarked and popularized the term "mind map" in the s:. There's no one standard way you have to create a mind map, however. Send me an email specify the mind map you would like to receive. Click to see 10 things you can do with a high resolution mind map these are all things people have done with our mind maps. Please leave this field empty. Alternatively you can also download an order form here.

Skip to content. What is a Mind Map? Examples of Mind Maps We created the mind maps below to help us understand a range of topics. Please click on each mind map to enlarge.

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