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  • Logic and Language Models for Computer Science.
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Ambiguity and language Design. Formal Languages.

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Operations on Languages. Two levels and Two Language Classes. The Questions of Formal Language Theory. Automata: The General Idea. Diagrams and Recognition. Formal Notation for Finite Automata. Finite Automata in Prolog. Nondeterminism: The General Idea. Nondeterministic Finite Automata. Removing Nondeterminism.

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Pattern Matching. Regular Languages. Regular Sets. Regular Expressions and What They Represent. Lex Operators and What They Do. The Structure and processing of Lex Programs. Lex Examples with C. Using Lex in Unix. Limitations of Regular Languages. Introduction to Context-Free Grammars. Structure, Meaning, and Ambiguity. Backus Normal form and Syntax Diagrams. Theory Matters.

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Visualizing PDAs. Standard Notation for PDAs. Deterministic Pushdown Automata and Parsing. Bottom-Up Parsing. Pushdown Automata in Prolog. Notes on Memory.

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Beyond Context-Free Languages. A Limitation on Deterministic Pushdown Automata. Unrestricted Grammars. The Turing Machine Model. Infinite Sets. Universal Turing Machines. Limits on Turing Machines. Church-Turing Thesis. Computational Complexity. This book invites the reader to explore abstractions that are crucial to computer science. They achieve exceptional clarity through a plethora of examples and figures, yet without-losing sight of, and indeed celebrating, the precision that is the hallmark of this subject matter.

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