Law and Literature (3rd Edition)

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Grammar for Lawyers is a clear and reliable reference for lawyers, students and non-lawyers alike seeking to acquire or upgrade their knowledge in this area. He has published several successful novels and has over twenty five years' experience in working with law firms, magistrates and judges in the areas of legal writing and drafting. Graham Tulloch is a Professor of English in the School of Humanities at Flinders University with extensive experience of teaching English language and literature. A primary focus of his research has been the language of Scottish literature and he has also edited a number of Scottish and Australian literary works.

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    [1] Law and Literature Redux? Some Remarks on the Importance of the Legal Imagination

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    Grammar for Lawyers, 3rd Edition

    Landes originally published as 94 Harvard Law Review Ackerman, We the People vol. Aristotle," 70 University of Texas Law Review Ackerman, We the People, vol. Landes reprinted in 27 Journal of reprints for Antitrust and Economics Landes reprinted in 25 Journal of reprints for Antitrust and Economics Cohen, America, Inc. John's Law Review Oxford University Press, with Gary S.

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    [1] Law and Literature Redux? Some Remarks on the Importance of the Legal Imagination

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    English, French & German Comparative Law 3rd edition

    Administrative Law Context and Critique. Lawyers' Professional Responsibility 6th Edition. Principles of Criminal Law. Cases on Torts. Stewart's Guide to Employment Law 6th Edition. Concise Australian Commercial Law 5th Edition.

    Richard A. Posner | University of Chicago Law School

    A Practical Introduction to Taxation Law Australian Criminal Justice Fifth Edition. Australian Business Law Statutory Interpretation. Connecting with Law.