Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling and Therapy

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Each chapter is written by a recognized specialist in the field.

Historical Background

The chapters are evenly divided into five parts covering perspectives, counseling methods, client populations, key issues of controversy and research, and guidelines for education and training. By including so many of the most prominent authors in one volume and by condensing their most important messages, the book becomes a virtual encyclopedia for a rapidly changing field. Handbook of Cross-cultural Counseling and Therapy. Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health This handbook is intended to help meet the need for information on and training in cross-cultural counseling and therapy.

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II Counseling Methods. III Client Populations.

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Multicultural issues in counseling: New approaches to diversity. Li, L. Effects of counseling style and client adherence to Asian cultural values on counseling process with Asian American college students. Lorenzo-Blanco, E.

Multicultural Counseling Part 1

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The Intercultural Context of Counseling and Therapy

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