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New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Humphrey , "Book Review of Robert Leeson, ed.

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Johnson Allan H. Meltzer David Laidler Scott Sumner. Murphy John A. James M.

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David Laidler's contributions to economics Show more Show less Published. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan Physical description.

Electronic book text. Originally published in: Lessons for Japan from the Great Depression. Laidler, David E.


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Contributions in economics. Leeson, Robert [editor].

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Summary This book provides a collection of essays by leading economists in honour of David Laidler's contributions to the field of macroeconomics, with important essays on central banking, monetary policy implementation, inflation targeting, monetary theory, monetary framework debates, and the mathematical theory of banking. The breadth and scope of the chapters reflect the range of Laidler's intellectual achievements, and are a definitive tribute to his outstanding contribution to economics.

This volume of fifteen papers furnishes an insight into a very individual figure, in a discipline which at least a generation ago was not lacking in individuals.

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  • David Laidler's individuality consists in the unusual--even incongruous -conjunction of attributes. In the Foreword, Axel Leijonhufvud correctly identifies Laidler as one of those rare economists 'who while keeping abreast of developments, chart a course of their own'. Neither herd follower nor lone wolf; how many are there of those?

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    Later in the volume attention is directed to a second distinguishing aspect of David Laidler: a serious interest in theorising political problems that would normally spell a left position, despite there being a right-wing feel about many of his reactions during the s and s. A third feature of this individuality is his contrary responses to the modern university, as it has burgeoned during his lifetime.